Commercial Design 

Can you believe this commercial design transformation?

The design objective was to completely change how these offices looked and functioned.  Hire Strategies is a proudly female owned business. Therefore, we wanted the space to feel powerful and approachable while evoking a feminine flair.  The color palette of soft pinks and dark blues achieved our aesthetic vision.  Feature walls of dark wood slatting and sleek office furniture boldly define the main functioning areas. Next, glam light fixtures soften the space to accomplish a feminine balance. Finally, art and accessories round out the design.    The implementation of a community calendar solved the need for organizing office meetings and making the space more collaborative.

The before pictures reveal how bland, beige, and uninspired the space felt.  In contrast, the offices now have the perfect amount of function, style, and inspiration. We love how we were able to improve this space through a thoughtful and beautiful design! Above everything else, the client was beyond impressed.

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